Transfer opinions. Guys I need your help!


I have 600k to invest! Please help me with some reccomendations! Thanks in advance guys!


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    Get a good super sub for when Tevez isn’t doing the job. I’d recommend someone fast with good heading and sub him in late when their defenders are tired.

    Or, try any of the 600k and below icons. They can change a game easily.
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    If you want to make money follow the markt good three times minimal at a day. Than you know prices of players and when bale is normal 300k and know 250k you know his price is going down to you can buy him. And invest in potm sbc's

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    I forgot to inform you that i have Sane CL 87, Martinez purple 86, Inaki Williams 84, and Lozano 85 as subs at the moment.

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