Post Patch New Formations, Custom Tactics

Please comment to what formations you are having success with. Also, if you have a favorite formation your using, please let us know what tactics your are using. Thanks!


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    I have always played with the 4231, but I have played a few games after the patch and don’t think that’s actually the best anymore, I think the new op formations are gonna 4222 and 41212 wide and narrow. My cousin had the same problem with the 4231 and tried to play wit a 3 at the back formation, and he said it worked really well. I know it wasnt precisely what you were looking for but I hope that I helped you a bit.
    Good luck in the new patch:)
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    4222 is what I have been using to start game. Then usually change from there depending on situation. It looks to me that any 2 striker formation could be the"better"formation. Thanks for the reply
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