Near post corners


Hey guys

In my previous team I had Marcos Alonso in the near post of the corners and he score a lot of goals from there, but since I've bought IF Gabriel Jesus, Marcos Alonso is now outside of the box in corners and Jesus in the near post! I really need Marcos Alonso back in the near post! Any help?


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    In the corner kick situation Press LB/L2 to cycle through your players and pick Marcos Alonso. Once you have picked him, load the shot with location move Marcos to the area you want him to be and press X again, you’ll be controlling Marcos Alonso right away as long as you have a good kicker and you time it right Marcos should get that ball on his head. Nifty trick is timing your run so the ball and Marcos meet at the same point while Marcos is running that’ll put more power on the header and it’ll make it harder to defend. Easier said than done, just practice.
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