Need Advice on Dividing my Coins for teams/trading

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Hello all,
Long time FIFA player here, but unfortunately I had to wait until December this year to get FIFA 19 so I'm a little behind.
Currently my clubs is worth around 300-500k and I have two relatively even teams.
I don't know if I should make one strong side and one subs squad and save coins to trade. I've currently spent all but 60k.
If you have advice on making my teams better please help me out! I enjoy pacey and skillful players, I use skill moves, and cut in from the wing for one time shots a lot
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Team 1: 4411 (2) Cheaper Team
GK - Ruffier
RB - Semedo
RCB - Umtiti
LCB - Kimpembe
LB - Hernandez
LM - Promes (Untradable FUT SWAP)
LCM - Kondogbia
RCM - Casemiro
RM - Dembele (UCL)
CAM - Isco
ST - Inaki Williams (IF)

Team 2: 41212 (2) More expensive
GK - Ederson
RB - Rafinha (Scream Team)
CB - Thiago Silva
CB - Marquinhos (UCL)
LB - Alex Sandro
CDM - Fabinho
LCM - Paulinho
RCM - Talisca (IF)
CAM - Hulk (IF)
LST - Pato (IF)
RST - Jesus (IF)

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