UCL + UEL Help


Hoping to get a bit of advice on what i should do!

I currently have 600k, and a team I am quite happy with that I don't think I can improve on yet. I should mention I already have UCL Douglas Costa and Cuadrado, and UEL Perisic.
What are your thoughts on the following:

  • Purchase UEL Kondogbia - heard he is a beast, could link with FS Mendy and FS Upamecano, however rest of team is Serie A
  • Purchase UCL Kimpembe and UCL Sterling - in the hope they both advance to the next round, would then sell sterling and possibly build Kimpembe into a French team
  • Purchase UCL Aurier and UCL Florenzi - Again in the hope they both advance, would probably keep Florenzi but I currently have OTW Cancelo and FS Calabria (may offload)

Any other suggestions? Partly looking to make some money from any of the above, with the possibility of keeping any French players that go through. Or do you think the possible price increase of any of the above is not worth the risk (if they get knocked out)?

Thanks in advance!


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    Sorry, should have clarified - all the UCL and UEL being live cards!

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