Need help making some investments and making coins?

Inbox me your budget and i can tell you the players that you can invest. Check my previous posts and see that i made 1.5k profit from a single Gabriel Jesus card...


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    100k, i have always been bad at making coins so if you could help me i would love it.

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    100k, could do with some smart investment tips
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    Invest in Karlsruhe SC would be wise. If there are Lunar New Year themed SBC this year it's a great chance they are in it. You still can buy them for 150 coins or buy now 200 coins, if the are SBC you can make 5k-9k each player.
    If they are in my investment of 300k pays out in a return of 10-18 mil, if they are not I'm gonna quick sell all 2000 players in my claim items list ;).

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    286k, i was thinking of selling my whole attacking players like hazard, salah, aubameyang and try more french players but i try to invest in good players so i can afford more expensive players but idk who to invest before the new cards that come this friday (today)
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