600k PC Squad Build Help

Hi all,

Squad build help please 600k, I have SBC Lucas, Rooney, Kroos and un-tradeable RM 87 Cancelo.

I normally play 4-1-2-1-2 (2) however been struggling with only 1-0 wins. I thought I sell up and try something new... maybe had a Prem Team. I like a striker that scores headers as well as good on the floor. Speed not worried as much but do enjoy this ability in a striker.

Also played with 4-3-3 formation but been a while.

Any help will be great.


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    I did like Kane when using him before thank you for the comment. Looking for something different maybe
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    Formation: 4-3-2-1
    GK: Lloris
    RB: UCL PTG Aurier
    RCB: Sanchez
    LCB: Azpilicueta
    LB: UCL Robertson
    RCM: Dembele
    CM: Fabinho
    LCM: Eriksen
    RF: Lucas
    LF: Son
    ST: Kane

    Hope this is okay :)
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    I could try make it a hybrid if you wanted?
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    > @edpagee said:
    > I could try make it a hybrid if you wanted?

    That would be prefect thank you. I have built a couple but would be good to see what other people’s ideal team would be for 600-700k on PC
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