Auba, Sterling futchamps, Wass Futmas and 300k need a team

Hi, I have Auba, Steling If of Fut Champions and Wass Futmas (I don't know why I did him) Also I have 300K for the team. Can someone help me?


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    Hello go 4321 (2 aub st ster rm couthinyo lm Henrik mykitatian cam wass lcdm ozil rcdm walker rb Marcelo lb pique umtiti CD and goalie ter stegen
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    Alsof user a laliga manager
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    4-3-3 (4)

    Lw: promes St: Ben Yedder If Rw: Sterling

    Cm: Wass Cam: kondongbia Cm: Auba

    Lb :Theo Cb:Paulista, SokratisTOTGS Rb: Walker

    Gk: Ederson

    Play with 4-2-3-1

    St: Auba

    Cam: Ben Yedder

    Lm: Sterling Rm: Promes

    Cdm: Kondogbia, Wass

    Defense: same
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    isaaco7isaaco7 Posts: 96
    (UC)Son auba sterling
    Wass eriksen fabinho
    Alba (UC) paulista(europa)Sokratis bellerin
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