Why is our community so filled with aholes?

So idk about everyone, but I like to skip my goals and celebrations in respect to my opponents especially and undoubtedly when it’s a pen or an AI broken game goal I score. But why do are people first of quoting or taking forever after we both have seen good latency? And why do they take forever to skip goal & animation scenes, but if they’re losing or it’s their miss and animation comes up of theirs’ they skip it? Also, why play the back at the back when you’re losing by one goal & you have an OP team?

Let me know what you all think we have these types of people...
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    1. A-hole
    2. I follow fifa etiquette


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    I usualy like to watch my goal replays. Idc whether you skip or not.
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    I play with what I think is upmost respect. If I shouldn’t have been award a penalty I will take it with my keeper. It just the little things that make the difference.
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