Who should I buy? De Bruyne, Pogba or Kante?

I have around 250k at the moment and I’m stuck between these three. I need a cm that can defend and attack if needed but each of these players have their limits so I don’t know which one is better


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    What is your team? Kante for defend Pogba for physical and kdb for the attack
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    Tinx1609Tinx1609 Posts: 6
    edited February 2019
    @Slimditos I play a 4411 and have Fernandinho LCM kdb RCM but I’m not sure if I’m playing him correctly and dybala CAM. I’m struggling to defend a lot but if I put kdb on stay back it’s really only my striker and dybala attacking
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    Ive got all 3 now but had Pogba first and think he is the best all round if you can only get one.

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