Hybrid builder, let me build you a team



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    Platform: PS4
    Budget: 800K
    Min chemistry: 100
    Formation: Any but in game I prefer
    Players that must be in (untradeable):
    Prime Nedved, FUTMAS Torreira, FUTMAS Van Aanholt, HEADLINER Carvajal and FLASHBACK Ibrahimovic.
    Description: Best competitive squad posible. :smile:
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    Platform: PS4
    Budget: 5.500.000
    Min chemistry: 100
    Formation: -
    Untradeable players (optional): de Bruyne (CL), Alonso (Live), Van Dijk (POTM), Jesus (Red), Mkhitaryan (Live), Firminio (Red), Sane (CL), Lucas (POTM), Piqué (Red), Cancelo (Red), Sterling (Red)
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    Platform: PC
    Budget: 250K
    Min chemistry: 100
    Formation: 4231 (can change in game)
    Players that must be in: Falcao UCL, Pepe SIF, Quagliarella SIF
    Untradeable players: Falcao, Quagliarella
    Description: like you want

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    @mashouka101 said:
    Just fill out the format below, reply and let me work my magic

    Platform: xbox
    Budget: 1 millon
    Min chemistry: toda mejor 100
    Formation: m da igual,con 2 st
    Players that must be in:indiferente
    Untradeable players:tengo butragueño prime, sancho y nedved baby,intrasf
    Description: Ex: (Here say if you want a hybrid or not) en tus manos esta.


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    Platform: PS4

    Budget: 1.1mil

    Min chemistry: 100

    Formation: 4231 Narrow in game

    Players that must be in: Sol Campbell, Neymar, FUTMAS Kevind De Bruyne, Future Stars Ndombele

    Untradeable players: Sol Campbell, Neymar, FUTMAS Kevin De Bruyne, Future Stars Ndombele

    Description: most likely a hybrid
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