best GOLD Striker for the new META?


(sorry for my english)
Hey Guys, :)

after the patch its hard to shoot out of the box because TF or One touch is not working anymore, we need to get into the box to make goals or were playing from the side and cross into the box. We have now too the problem that the CPU-Defending too strong is. I think if we play now taller player with a good header and just cross its easier then to make a play to the penalty point. My Question is should we buy now Strikers like Lukaku or Kane for their Heading Accuracy? **Were playing the Heading Accuracy META ? **

Im a GOLD 1 Player and now after the Patch i have problems with my Griezmann because hes not more the old one because i can not shot with him anymore and hes not the strength guy to beat the CPU Defending, so in need a option for a new Striker whos enough good for this new Meta. Further down can you guys see my team what im actually playing.

My options as Strikers (the placement here is not on strength) type your ideas into comments:
1. Aubameyang | 4* Skills & 4Weak Foot - 187cm | Heading Accuracy 79 & Jumpingt 79 | Workrate Medium/Low
2. Harry Kane INFORM | 3
Skills & 4Weak Foot - 188cm | Heading Accuracy 86 & Jumping 78 | Workrate High/High
3. Romelu Lukaku | 3
Skills & 4Weak Foot - 190cm | Heading Accuracy 87 & Jumping 71 | Workrate Medium/Medium
4. Marko Arnautovic HEADLINERS SBC | 4
Skills & 4Weak Foot 192cm | Heading Accuracy 80 & Jumping 71 | Workrate High/Medium
5. Griezmann | 4
Skill & 3*Weak Foot 176cm | Heading Accuracy 84 & Jumping 90 | Workrate High/High

Thats my ideas and my options, this post is for everyone who have problems now after the patch and needs a new meta Striker.
Type your ideas and options to the Comments. I hope we can help us together guys :)


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    zzEnos6zzEnos6 Posts: 4

    go with griezzy. theres just something about him that makes him absolutely a beast this fifa. Also, would sell your Seedorf Prime and pick up his mid tier card, or his moments prime. Those two version are his best going baby > prime > mid tier > prime moment

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    zzEnos6zzEnos6 Posts: 4

    i have the arnautovic and he personally lacks for me. I use aguero over him and personally love aguero more than anyone. Griezzy is a close second though. Ive used all of the players you listed except for aubamayang, so I cant answer for him. But I have never been outclassed by aubamayang. Any time he has beaten me is solely bc I defended poorly

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    zzEnos6zzEnos6 Posts: 4

    and I am referring to Gold aguero. I now have his CL live card which is absolutely disgusting but yea lol

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