Help making coins, please.


I have a trading technique that makes me about 15k profit a week.. It's tedious and slow but I want to up my game, any help? Please... I started sniping, are there any good players to snipe..


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    I don't know how much anyone can help you here but what you definitely need to establish is a good knowledge of how the market works, when it's the most active, how SBCs work, OTWs, etc. This pretty much all translates into having enough experience with FIFA.

    In my personal opinion; it could be a bit late to actually make use of, what I call, market milking, as a lot of things that could have potentially given you a big income have already been released and now you are left with fewer options to make use of. EA has also added a few new things to FIFA 19 that didn't happen before (like Future Stars SBCs). Please Quote me on that if I'm wrong.

    Sniping is still one of the most dominant ways to make coins without having to play the game and as far as FIFA goes, the best way to do it is via the Web App or FUT Companion as the overlays are just a bit faster and it's easier to reset the search Queries therefore being faster than people in the game's market. Consider sniping 84 rated players or generally players that are a hard requirement for a SBC, as many people don't bother checking the price and just pretty much offer a player for much less than he is worth at the moment of selling. One time I tried investing into 100 Tolisso cards. It was a huge risk but one that really payed off in the end. I bought all of the Tolisso cards for less than 200.000 coins (each being less than 2000) and then a SBC requiring Bayern/french players got released. Every Tolisso went for over 5500 coins. (Profit was about 300.000 coins, incl. EA Tax). That was the biggest profit I've made through 'market milking'.

    One very good way to save coins would be keeping every player that you pack and that of course isn't a duplicate. This is something that you should have done in the beginning of FIFA 19 for it to REALLY pay off. Currently I hold over 1500 Players in my club, therefore I don't need to pay extra coins for simple SBCs (like marquee matchups or event SBCs). Therefore every sbcs I do pretty much only gives me profit (Yes I know the players I have in my club are still worth coins, don't @ me, not all are expensive and it saves you a lot of pointless frustration, especially around silvers).

    Another good way would be using FUTBin's Import function to import your club into futbin. Futbin can then show you a full trading page with your players worth and lowest bins, that way you know if someone in your team, maybe a silver that you have, is worth coins. Or you can use futbin to analyze your club, for SBCs that could be easily completed with the players you have in your club.

    In general, there are plenty of ways for making coins in FUT, it's more about little details that make them different from one another.
    Everyone has their way of playing FUT, therefore, like I said, good knowledge of how the market works (and FUT in general) should be your top priority.

    Should you have any questions regarding some potential trading methods (or errors I made in this post) please, just feel free to answer. Subscribe to PewDiePie.

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    Thank you so much.. That was super detailed.. I'm currently sniping werner for 3500 but gonna snipe Liverpool and man city players for when player of the month is released..
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    Karlsruher sc player silver and bronze you still have time....for lunar new year...
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    You can also check the predictions for Marquee Matchups and then try investing into some players.

    Yes it can be sometimes risky to do so but if you pull it off, there is some juicy profit made out of that.

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