Headliner Arnautovic

Anybody else just not enjoying him? I have him come off the bench to replace flashback Rooney in a 4231 and he simply doesn’t score, he’s maybe got 3 goals for me in 12 games, and he’s missing sitters. Hit the bar from 5 yards with an open goal..
Maybe it’s my formation or the way I play but I’ve found him to be just not good


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    He's been an absolute beast for me up front alongside Aubameyang using a 4-1-2-1-2 wide formation.
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    Just looked and 21 goals in 22 games.
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    Moes1986Moes1986 Posts: 115
    I have him also and what you tell is famous but i give him a change so iam looking to change him also

    What do you think about rashford 86 ?
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