Players on PS4 are MODIFYING in-game PLAYER RATINGS

Hello guys I just played someone in WL and when I looked at his players ratings they where all messed up! Like non IF Martial or non IF Ederson where 90+ rated , his SIF Lala was 94 rated and his flashback Ibrahimovic was 98 rated! I thought it was a bug then I entered a div rivals game and same thing ratings where changed and the player didn't lose stamina , like one guy had non-IF Messi and he was fit as a horse in the 88' and he was 98 rated and played better then his TOTY ... So what do you guys think!??


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    Proof or did not happen
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    Ok I will try today and get proof!
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    jpnakayamajpnakayama Posts: 1
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    Like these?

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    Don't know if this is relevant, but once in squad battles i played a mostly bronze team on ultimate. The match went to penalties and somehow it displayed every bronze player having an 89+ overall and even the silver striker that was playing keeper had 90+ overall and everyone had 90+ penalties. This was in fifa 18 btw.

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    SempihhSempihh Posts: 236

    Could it be to do with Chem styles?

    chem styles boost a players in-game stats making them a higher in-game rating.

    Could this be a bug and you're seeing the in-game rating after the game?

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    FifaTekksFifaTekks Posts: 76
    Not chem styles I thought trainingconsumables but no
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    I have faced the same thing
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