AI Defending Needs To GO


I would first like to start this off by saying I really enjoy the new patch for the most part. There is skill to scoring now as you must work your chances to create a high percentage shot. However there are twi glaring issues that the nerfing of timed finesses as unearthed. These are the fact that drop back on one depth is way too over powered, and that people are able to defend using the AI which requires no skill. What I wish is that EA remove AI defending to a degree. It can't be completely removed as AI defenders must be able to track runs, but a person shouldn't just be able to run around with Kante for 90 mins while the AI tackles every ball. Now I'm sure I sound like im whining, but despite my frustrations with this I am still a gold one fringe elite 3 player so I overcome this issue I and everyone else is facing. It as just made the game incredibly boring to play, and although I myself should probably adopt this tactic to improve my chance of winning, I find it far more satisfying beating people who play this bland non attacking style of football that we scrutinize the actual professional soccer players for yet adopt it into our FIFA tactics. I would love to know everyone else opinion on this and to everyone playing champs this weekend good luck and I hope you stay sane!


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