AI attack vs defense - Buff or Nerf?


Hi all,

One of the complaints that we saw a lot pre-finesse patch was, of course, the ease at which absurd angle/distance shots would score because of timed finishing. Now, post patch, with the offensive weapon of distance shooting being taken away, the AI's defending strength has been exposed (I would argue that the patch has not actually improved defensive AI so much as it has forced us to confront it). The instinct of the community has been to nerf AI defense, as people can sit in a low block with no fear of a pass getting through or a long shot finding top corner. But what if instead of nerfing the game further, the offensive AI was buffed? How many times are you stuck with possession in the final third, praying you get a meaningful run from one of the AI players on your team? How often does using the "trigger run" button send an AI player in a straight, unimaginative line downfield that is easily marked or cut off? Incisive and intuitive off-ball movement could break defenses down and reward possession-style play as an alternative to counter-heavy play. In my opinion, nerfing and counter-nerfing isn't what brings the game the alternatives it needs to create an environment where there is no singular "meta."

I am not the first person to have this idea, the AI attacking angle was brought to my attention by Valerio and Dr. Poplove over on FUT FM, and the idea of buffing vs. nerfing as a balancing act was inspired by this video:

In your opinion, what buffs could be made, as opposed to nerfs, that would make this FIFA more interesting to play?

Happy Weekend League everyone!

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