100k+ packed players this year so far?



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    Only tradable one was If james and that's it

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    FuriousGenieFuriousGenie Posts: 46
    edited February 2019
    I've spent nothing on the game and mine are

    TOTY Marcelo 1 mil
    TOTY De Gea 700k
    89 Ballack 1 mil
    Pogba 400k
    Modric 110k
    87 Werner 350k
    Van dijk 150k
    IF Fernandinho 120k
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    For me:

    404 Error Not Found

    Yeah, I have trash pack luck :(

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    SheenolSheenol Posts: 30
    Cristiano Ronaldo
    Inzaghi prime
    2 pogbas
    Future star upamecano
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    Wow. Only one yet was Bale last week.
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    FS Lafont
    IF Fabinho
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    edhoypedhoyp Posts: 18
    untradable cristiano ronaldo from serie a upgrade

    sergio ramos


    VVD first if




    felipe anderson sif

    i rarely open packs cause i have spent 0 money to the game
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    I have packed/picked :
    IF Willian
    RTFG Perisic
    UCL Mendy
    IF Jesus
    TOTY Marcelo

    But all of that untradeable. ?
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    intinitiintiniti Posts: 157

    ehh non

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    Salah - 230k
    Ucl suarez - 325k
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    toty ramos and de bruyne, mendy future star, de bruyne normal, pogba, harry kane if red. I really have good luck this year

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    AronnnAronnn Posts: 17

    Prime Zanetti
    Prime stoickov
    prime lehman
    baby trezeguet
    Messi and if Auba in the same pack (non tradeble but yeah)
    if Depay
    van dijk 2x
    de gea
    got sancho youth star tradeble from player picks
    I think i've forgotten some but i think that this are my best so far

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    TriXinisedTriXinised Posts: 9
    edited January 2019
    I will post some that i've packed and the coins I got for them in that time or their value in that time.

    Marcelo 88 rare gold - 120k

    Aguero 89 rare gold - 250k

    Aubamayeng rare gold - 300k

    Mahrez IF 87 - 200k

    Fernandinho IF 87 - 110k

    Sancho FFS 90 - 650k

    Hakimi FFS 86 - 150k

    Calvert Levin ( not sure about his name) FFS 86 - 150k

    All of this is combined from free and paid packs. Mind you I've opened hundreds of packs so far in Fifa 19.
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    89 Ronaldinho
    Prime Trezeguet
    Mendy Future Star

    No FP

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    i packed toty de gea form 50k pack but i barely play FUT im just here for the FH comminty and fut of couse

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    For over a year I never got anything, then the past month I got all these players.

    Van Dijk
    Icon Shevchenko
    Future star Mendy
    Future star Calvert-Lewin (twice)

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    First if Salah
    If de gea
    Otw higuan
    Ucl live lingard
    If insinge
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    Prime Lampard
    Van Dijk
    Baby Icon ( forgot his name)
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    Salah, IF Salah, Kante, Agüero, Base Rijkaard, FS Mendy, FS Cutrone, RTTF Van Dijk, Alex Sandro (was 100k at that point)

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    88 Jari Litmanen and NIF Mbappe (at the time around 700k and around 450k respectively)

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    N0LtimeN0Ltime Posts: 21

    For me:
    Neuer and Alaba in weekly packs when they were 80K- fueled a good Bundesliga team.
    Base Neymar from I honestly can't remember
    Base Varane from Marquee Matchups right before TOTY

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    Ive only packed SIF Mahrez out of an untradeable totw upgrade pack

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    SIF Van Dijk x2
    De Bruyne
    TOTY Marcelo

    Red IF
    Inaki Williams
    Lala 86
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    Prime Crespo ,Stoichkov and Rivaldo
    TOTY De Gea
    TOTY Neymar
    TOTY Kante
    IF Pogba
    IF Son
    IF Suarez
    UEL Kondogbia

    I spent a shit ton of money this year more than I have in the other years even thought the feeling of packing players like this is amazing I prefer the feeling of money in my wallet
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    No money spent this year and I’ve packed;

    De Gea
    Bentacur Future Star
    Rashford IF
    RTTF auirer
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    0 :)
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    I’ve packed
    TOTY Mbappe
    If Douglas Costa
    De Gea
    And Many others 88 & 87 i dont remember
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    CR7, Pogba, Griezmann, IF Aurnatovic, IF Martial, IF Depay

    I always pack CR7 early on, third year in a row lol.. I don't buy fifa points

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    Alex sandro 150k *2
    Salah gold 300k
    Salah if 89 550k
    Salah if 90 1m 100k
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    my top 3:

    CR7 Gold
    Neymar Gold
    Suarez Gold

    CR7 and Suarz in one Pack :o

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