Weekend League Question

As you win matches do you play against better players or how does this work? Went 9-2 today and quickly went 11-6 straight after..
Do you play random players or how do they match skill levels?


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Better opponents + scripting/R&G
    The main thing with WL is that EA wants people to obviously keep on playing it and keep buying packs to improve squad.

    But there are waay to many players that can't match a certain percentage of players. So the game will go against you to favour the lesser skilled/ranked players.

    Why would it do this? Because this way shitty players get some wins and are able to get Gold 3 which feels alrite to reach. How many would stop playing WL if they struggled getting silver 1?

    There are those who learn to abuse the mechanics and learn how to play when the game goes against you. Most people just use "meta" players because they tend to be less affected by scripting and R&G. It is no surprise that one half your team is not moving around. No one is making runs...everyone is tightly marked...your players cant take a decent touch or pass. They are slower etc etc. 2nd half it could be the opposite and neither you or the opponent done anything different.

    One match you are clearly the lesser player. Opponent is better at FIFA you can see that...but you end up coming back and winning...do you really think YOU were the difference?

    Sometimes you get same sort of team and opponent as good as you. Those matches can be fun and tough unless the game rewards one of you with a shitty 90min goal when De Gea gets distracted by a UFO and the ball slowly runs over the line.

    The more wins you get the more difficult opponents as you get matched up vs more similar levels. But some that you would beat easily but games end up making it equal.

    One thing also you should maybe do is play a few matches then take a break. A lot of people keep on going and they go into the next matches as the last ended.

    I can also say i play with 2-3 silvers 3-4 legends 1-2 low rated golds. I mix around between 2-3 different teams. I get gold 1-2...i wonder if i used a "meta" team if i wouldn't do better. BUt whats the fun in that?

    Also how come my silver players do as good as top gold players? My silver Lindkvist is as good as Sandro in the LB position....explain that EA!?

    Even with a mostly silver team i have reached gold 2-3. I can see how other teams top end gold players get worse so they are on the level of my silver players.

    When i play my top rated uber duper super team...they all get worse. R&G gets your team to make more mistakes even though you yourself on the controller did not make a mistake!

    Do any top players actually play a different team, try a team not built only on pace? Maybe an actual ultimate team of your favourite players? Maybe try new players and formation etc? Maybe they could play different style of football etc?
    No they all play their god meta squads cause they get less affected by R&G/script. They all play same tactics and formation types.

    BUT hey it is a game...play with a non-meta team. Build more fun teams...players/teams/countries you like etc. Then just try to have fun beating all the idiots using the same players/teams and formations all the time.

    I dont get frustrated losing when i got a few silvers in my team. But it is fun beating people with their god squads.

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