Getting the best out of Ibra?


I have an all prem team but wanted to do the Ibra flashback squad builder because he is a beast! But at the moment he only has 5 chem due to being 1st owned and having a swedish manager. I only have a 100k but wanted ideas on people to buy to keep a solid team but improve his chem?

My team is in a 4321 formation -

GK - Ederson
LB - Van Aanholt (Futmas)
CB- Sanchez
CB - Van Dijk
RB - Walker
CM - Firminio (Futmas)
CM - Fernandinho
CM - Alli (Futmas)
RF - Lucas (POTM)
ST - Ibra (Flashback)
LF - Sterling (POTM)


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    You could sub him on, but even then he would be on 6 chem.
    You could also use a player like Alessandrini instead of POTM Lucas and sub him out, but then Lucas would be on 6.
    So if you want Ibra on 10 chem your only option is to sub out a player as there are no better alternatives, or you would have to accept playing him on 6 or 5.

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    y0fBNy0fBN Posts: 1

    Guess you will need to have an icon...
    I play him in front of Baby Figo to make him 8 Chem at least... playing him at 5 won't be worth it, you should rather sub him in then...

    Or as many people do, link him with Alessandrini, and link this guy with Pogba, Kante, etc.
    But as you already have those untradeable special cards, go with the sub....

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    Put an Icon and Alessandrini in RF and maybe he could get 10 chemistry. After the game start substitute Alessandrini or wait for him to get tired.

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    CiebacCiebac Posts: 3

    As someone above me said: use Alessandrini instead of Lucas and use any french guy instead of Fernandinho. I would recommend Doucoure and if you have some premier league players in your club you might even be able to do the SBC Doucoure. otherwise play him and wait until you have enough coins to buy Kante or Pogba.

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    Ibra as a sub is beast enough.

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