Division Rivals Rewards


I was wondering what the best option for rewards is. I am guessing coins cause packs have been terrible. Let me know what you think.

  1. Division Rivals Rewards36 votes
    1. Coins
    2. Tradeable Packs
    3. Untradeables


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    I used to take coins every week and then last week I took tradeable packs for the first time and got middle Raúl! Never taking coons again lol
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    Coins are sensible/smart option but packs are fun and if you get lucky then you'll make a lot more than the coins would of
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    SempihhSempihh Posts: 236

    It's really down to whether you want the excitment of opening Packs or not.

    I usually take packs because I like them but Coins are definitely more sensible and in the long run are probably more efficient.

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    donshaggydonshaggy Posts: 33
    I get trolled so much by this game that I just take coins now. I’m the type that will open 10 ultimate packs and get 80-83 rated everytime. Rare mega packs don’t like me either i finish on elite 1 on squad battles almost every week and get that music (when the card shows up straight away) I’m convinced someone at EA don’t like me very much lol
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