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    @checkout2211 said:
    Any with 4 defenders and wingers
    I dont have any players that need to be in the squad
    Future Star Joelinton, flashback casillas, flashback tevez, Arnautovic headliner

    I hope you like it!

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    @silasweber said:
    Platform: Ps4
    Budget: 850k-1m
    Minimum chem; 90
    Formation; 4-5-1
    Untradeable: Fernando Torres 92(must be included), Promes OTW, Davies Future Star, Juanfran 83

    Hope you like it!
    If you want to save some coins you can swap ramos for varane

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    What I need: A team
    Console/Platform: xbox
    Budget: 200k
    Minimum Chemistry: 100
    Formation: any variation of 433 or 41212(2)
    Players needed in the squad: any
    Untradeable players: (So they wont be included in the budget) none
    Other comments: a team that can bring you goals
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    @snuba said:
    just best player from laliga that can play cam with full chem

    need more than that man, like what do u think is good in a cam? do they need pace? passing? shooting?
    and fill out more of the criteria

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    @jaycub said:
    Console/Platform: PS4
    Budget: 270k-300k
    Minimum Chemistry: 100
    Formation: 41212 narrow, 4231 (lm rm) 4-3-3 normal
    Players needed in the squad: any really
    Untradeable players: 86 CL Fabinho, 91 De Gea, Futswap Juan Jesus, Futmas Arias (would like but not required)
    Other comments: i like 4* minimum WF/SKILLS forwards wingers

    Hope you like it!
    If you have an extra 20k, u can take out erikson, put firmino at cam, then get auba for ST.

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    @Asciutz said:
    Platform: PS4
    Budget: 1,000,000
    Min chemistry: 100
    Formation: 433(4), 4312, 4321, 4231 any 4 back formation
    Players that must be in: First potm reus, special CL kroos, aguero
    Untradeable players (optional): potm Lucas, First potm reus, fb gotze, CL kroos
    What do you suggest me? Thanks

    Hope you like it!

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    @Stefanjvr said:
    already have a team plan but cant get a formation or setup to get everyone on full chem, so I thought you could help and swap out a few players if needed.
    My lineup is: ter stagen+ sandro+ juan jesus+ umtiti+ semedo. Naingolan+nakata+fabinho. Hazard+ ben yedder (if)+ mbappe

    Platform: Ps4
    Budget: 850k
    Min chemistry: 100
    Formation: Any but must have suitable players for 41212 narrow
    Players that must be in: Prime nakata( icon) and mbappe and ben yedder
    Untradeable players:. Prime nakata, Juan jesus( fut swap)
    Description: Definitely hybrid

    Hope you like it!
    you can swap the GK to any brazillian of your choice or buffon

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    @patioss said:
    Platform: XBONE
    Budget: 870K ( Only missing 4 players)
    Min chemistry: 100
    Formation: Don't really mind, swapping ingame anyway
    Players that must be in: Van de Sar (Prime), Tagliafico (UCL), De ligt (Future stars), Nesta (Prime), Cancelo (OTW), De jong (Future stars), Cristiano Ronaldo, Messi
    Untradeable players: Van de Sar (Prime), Nesta (Prime), De Jong (Future stars)
    Description: Ex: Hybrid please.
    Thanks in advance !

    Hope you like it!

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    @diavolinho said:

    @marcus2888 schrieb:

    @diavolinho said:
    Console/Platform: PS4
    Budget: 1,1 kk
    Minimum Chemistry: >95
    Formation: 442-2
    Players needed in the squad: some of the untradables
    Untradeable players: Werner & Arnautovic Headliner, Firmino Futmas, Lala SIF, Mahrez SIF, arthur IF
    Other comments: -

    I'm assuming that 1,1 kk is 110k for your budget, so this is what i could come up with i hope u like it!
    If you meant something else about the budget please message me back and ill make you another team.

    looks quite promising but i mean 1,1 mio. ;) so i am really looking forward to an "upgrade"

    Apologies for the misunderstanding! I hope this is better!

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    @Kristjanceh4 said:
    Hi guys I need team for FUT champs

    -Console its ps4
    -Budget IS around 250k
    -Untreadeble players are Bale, prime - keane, prime nakata, toty varane and otw promes and fabinho
    -it doesnt have to include everyone and i hope its going to be for 4 2 3 1 playing style

    Hope you enjoy!

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    Gerto26Gerto26 Posts: 6

    Platform: PS4
    Min chem: As high as possible
    Untradeble Players needed in squad: Di Maria (TOTS), Kondogbia (Futties), Robertson (TOTS), Torres (Premium-SBC), Koulibaly (91), Milinkovic-Savic (FUTBirthday)
    Formation preferences: no
    And hybrid or not: yes
    budget: 600k

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    @tobiassilfverberg1 said:
    Hello sir!
    Platform would be PS4
    Budget: ~100k
    Formation: Pref in game 41212(2) but feel free to use any and I'll swap in game.
    Player that must be in: Prime Nakata
    Untradables: Future Star De Jong, Future Star Leao, Flashback Casillas, Headliner Arnautovic, UEL Live Milinkovic, Red if Romagnoli, if Martial. Feel free to use any of these, or don't, that's fine too. Have a good day!

    Hope you enjoy!

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    @ihatetay said:
    Ok i will give you a challenge...since i packed Koulibaly red 90 i need to have a squad to play him as i don't have any specific league team. I have tried a few with the players i got but i haven't liked any.

    im on PC.
    Budget is LOW...i would like to not buy many more players. Say 100k max to buy the players needed to add to the squad you make me.
    Any formation or players type will do. I like to try new teams but i rarely try new formations so now is a good chance.

    But players i have already and can be used: Ibra FB, Rooney FB, Martinez 86, Grimaldo FS, Nani IF, Herrera SBC, Militao IF, Soares IF, Joelinton FS, Musa SBC, Ziyech HL, Huntelaar FB, Lindelöf IF, Arias futmas, Koke scream, Forsberg scream, Tierney SBC, Howard SBC, De Gea normal.
    Legends, all are prime: Keane, Scholes, Hierro, Moore, Nakata, Ruud Van Nistelrooy
    Serie A players i already got: Juan monthly 84 CB, Koulibaly 90 IF red, Olsen gk 81 IF, Quagliarella SIF 85

    All are specials that ive listed above apart from De Gea.

    You can use any players from above with any formation and add any players you want as long as they are cheap. I dont care for "meta" players etc...i will try anyone even silvers! I do enjoy hybrids.
    Only thing i want is Koulibaly as main CB then you do what you do best.

    oh and 100 chem please!

    Bit of a tough one since PC prices are soooo high, so i tried to use as many untradables as possible, hope you enjoy!

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    Console ps4
    Budget 1 Million
    Chem 100
    Formation ingame 4231
    Untrade Player florenzi ucl live, van dijk, mendy Future stars,rijkaard prime
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    @xHaaVaaRx said:
    Console/Platform: PS4
    Budget: Max 150-200k
    Minimum Chemistry: 97
    Formation: 4-2-2-2 or simmilar
    Players needed in the squad: IF Williams, Petr Chec, Da costa
    Untradeable: all above + huntelaar, de king and joeliton, if any ar possible

    Hope you enjoy, if u cant afford rodrigo then get his base card until u can afford it. If u want me to make this again with wingers, then u can swap to a 4-2-2-2 then tell me because i think wingers are good CAMs.

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    Console/Platform: PS4
    Budget: 500k
    Minimum Chemistry: 95+
    Formation: 443 preferably
    Players needed in the squad: Ibra flashback , Prime Nedved , Doucoure SBC
    Untradeable players: All above + Lukaku and Matic

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    Min chem 90
    Must to be: navas cl, Manolas, Pepe HL
    Untrad: navas cl
    Formation : any with 4 defenders and wingers
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    Can someone help build a team for me please
    My untradeables: https://www.futbin.com/19/squad/5211897
    I have 213,632 have about 20,000 worth of platings sitting in my club
    Open to subbing people on in the early minutes
    Any four at the back formation and open to changing the formation in game.
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    @Mat7ia11 said:
    500k squad
    4-3-3 (4)
    Ousmane dembele if

    Hope you enjoy!

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    @TheToncha said:
    > @marcus2888 said:
    > Hey everyone!
    > If anyone would like me to make a squad just reply to the post.
    > I'm going to need a few things to make sure that I can build the best squad for you!
    > What I need:
    > Console/Platform:
    > Budget:
    > Minimum Chemistry:
    > Formation:
    > Players needed in the squad:
    > Untradeable players: (So they wont be included in the budget)
    > Other comments:(If you would like a hybrid, skillers, weak foot, etc.)
    > I'll try get back to you asap.

    Xbox one
    Budget: 25-30k (25000-30000)
    Chem: 99-100
    Formation: 4 at the Back (in game 451)
    No untradeables
    Can be hybrid

    Starting Fut again after deleting EVERYTHING 2months ago. ?

    R.I.P man.
    Hope you enjoy, message again when u get more coins!

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    @k0ry said:
    What I need: NEW SQUAD/PLAYERS
    Console/Platform: PC
    Budget: 1,100,000-1,400,000
    Minimum Chemistry: 100
    Formation: IN-GAME 4-1-2-1-2 (2) (DOESNT MATTER HOW YOU BUILD, JUST SO I CAN CHANGE TO 4-1-2-1-2(2))
    Players needed in the squad: Telles UCL LIVE, Auba POTM, Campbell, Kante(doesnt must be but would be nice)
    Untradeable players: Auba POTM, Lukaku FUTCHAMP, Higuain FUT CHAMP, FB IBRA, AW JOSEF MARTINEZ, Campbell PRIME
    Other comments: I like wf+skills to be 4+* for offensive players /like auba/ and good FULL BACKS (lala does not have to be in squad but he is actually really good so if you wont keep him find good alternative please)
    Players I would like to try: De gea and Van Dijk but doesnt need to be in squad, if you cant link them just build what u want
    Current Squad:
    GK: Courtois
    CB: Campbell (Prime 89 - UNTRADE)
    CB: Varane
    LB: Telles (UCL Live)
    RB: Lala (TIF 86)
    CDM: Kante
    CM: Pogba
    CM: Fabinho
    CAM: Griezmann
    ST: Aubameyang (POTM 89 - UNTRADE)
    ST: Lukaku (FUTCHAMP 88)

    Hope you enjoy a change up in teams!

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    @csv28C01 said:
    > Console/Platform: ps4
    > Budget: 600k
    > Minimum Chemistry: 95 or higher
    > Formation: any( I change it ingame
    > Players needed in the squad:
    > Untradeable players: Anderson sif, arnautovic headliner, Casillas flashback, suarez

    Hope you enjoy!

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    @utaarad12 said:
    Platform :PS 4
    Untradeblr players:Arnautovici St ,Gimenez Cb
    Chemestry:95 or +
    Formation:whith 2 strikers

    Hope you enjoy!

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    @Sebbi003xD said:
    4.2 mio
    Hazard potm marcos alonso sbc
    I have other untrades like ibra sbc tevez sbc suso headliner and Fährmann Totw
    They dont have to be in the squad but you could build with them

    Managed to fit them all in! Hope you enjoy!

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    @Agrilima said:
    hey can u build me a team


    Pogba red IF
    Eriksen red if 89
    Potm sterling
    Potm lucas

    There is no need to use my untradeables just saying them

    Let me know what players i buy and the best formation??

    So start the players like this:

    Then I would recommend changing to this:

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    @Pillobuenagente0 said:
    Console/Platform: ps4
    Budget: 200k
    Minimum Chemistry: 100
    Formation: any 4 players in the back
    Players needed in the squad: otw cristiano Ronaldo
    Untradeable players: (So they wont be included in the budget) headliners arnatovic, 87 reus, 86 Felipe Anderson, prime rivaldo, if goretzka, flashback dani Alves, saint maxim
    hope you can help me thanks

    Hope you enjoy!

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    @Yishu112 said:
    Console: Xbox One
    Budget: 900k
    Chem: 100 chem
    Formation: 4231 in game
    Must include: ibra
    Optional: hazard, aubameyang, aguero, griezzmann and tevez they dont have to be used but you can if you want:)

    Hope you enjoy!

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    @Kristjanceh4 said:
    Hi man again me so can you build me a hybrid for 41212 or 4231 with bale toty varane and nakata keane and maybe promes please Budget cant be higher than 100k thank you very much... Btw Console is ps4

    Hey again!
    Hope you enjoy!

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    @Nikneo said:
    The team must have depay sbc , cornet, premium cech

    Hope you enjoy!

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