Looking to buy a new 750k striker - to buy now or wait a week?

Hi I'm about to buy a new striker for my team, in the 500-900K range - I'm thinking about the SIF Salah (90) or Del Piero(90), or the IF Aguero (90)

But I've never had this many coins in FUT before, let alone spent them on one player and I'm nervous about the right time to buy - especially what's going to happen to the prices of these guys in the coming weeks - I expect there's a ratings refresh coming up soon and I'm worried about my new guy losing 200k of value in the coming weeks :S

At the weekend I decided to sell off my gold Aguero who had been an amazing striker (despite only having a player chem of 8) for the last few months in my 4-2-3-1(2) for 130k, because I felt his price was as good as it would get and I've been trying a few loan icons and 90+ players in the meantime, but I'm not enjoying it as none fit my play style like Aguero, and I'd really like to start learning my new permanent striker asap, and start scoring goals again :)
So when's the best time to spend my life savings? ;)
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