How do i get more money

I just invested al my money in prime nedved and now my team is only worth 10k can someone help me what to do now?


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    Sell nedved
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    I don’t know why u bought him
    Cuz he want do nothing by himself.
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    Hes untreadible but ive been very lucky with packs and stuff now i have a decent team with coming wl rewards so its okay for now
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    Webby98Webby98 Posts: 44
    edited February 2019
    If you only have 10k or even 1k it may take a short while but search for rare golds going for bin bid price in a decent sbc league and only bid 650/700 and you can sell them for maybe 800-1.2k it can take a short while but you can get to say 20k easy enough and switch to a more profitable way
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