Help me finish my squad. 400-500k

Pandemicplanet9Pandemicplanet9 Posts: 12
edited February 2019 in Squad Building

Here is part of the squad: Fill it in.

Here is my untradeables: you can use them if you want.
400k-500k please

Requirements: 433(4)/4231(2) and must be able to go to 5212 (CDM to CB)
It must have at least 2 CDMs in midfield
Large players all round
I want it around TOTY Bale and Scream Fellaini (Fellaini upfront). Alternatively no Fellaini is fine
I have already, Varane, Courtois, Casemiro and HL Carvajal
I have 400-500k. Including already owning those players... if you want to sell a few do that. To give more funds.
Good Luck.

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