Best striker you have used?

What is the best striker you have used this year?


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    Flashback Zlatan
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    Suarez, bale, Aguero.
    i still have FB Zlatan, but cant use him bec im in holidays
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    intinitiintiniti Posts: 157

    ffs jovic

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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    Ibra and Ruud Van Nistelrooy prime! They both have nearly the same amount of goals as the matches they have played and decent amount of assists.
    Martinez and Rooney have been great as well but i use Rooney mostly as CAM(*sometimes ST). He makes great assists though so you just swap his goalscoring for assists.

    Musa SBC is pretty nice as well as a super sub, especially since he has good passing so you can get him on as a winger if you need to.

    2 surprise strikers that have done better than expected: Huntelaar FB and Joelinton FS...not as great as the trio mentioned above. But good fun with one team i got Ziyech HL to link up with Huntelaar and they are both amazing. Ziyech amazing crosses to Huntelaar to head it in.

    Huntelaar and Joelinton will be used in some sbc in the future. Not in the near future though as i am enjoying their squads.

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    DD1997DD1997 Posts: 12

    Prime Crespo without a doubt, 58 goals in 37 games in div 3/WL

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    FillorafkFillorafk Posts: 14
    The best striker Ive used under 20k must be the UCL Live Philipp card. Feels like a worldclass player.

    If you are looking for a semi budget card I would recommend Aubameyang or UEL Live Ben Yedder from my own experience.

    If you are talking world class it has to be classic R7 for me. The man is an absolute savage in game.
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    alfonso16alfonso16 Posts: 17

    Puede sorprender , los he tenido mucho mas caros pero el que mas me ha gustado es Gerard Moreno UEL 88

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    RicAA11RicAA11 Posts: 1

    Base Del Piero, absolute class

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    PypoPypo Posts: 2
    edited May 2019

    I currently use HM Son (TOTKS) as ST along with Firmino (TOTKS) at CAM. Son is absolutely stunning, with unbelievable goals. There are some minor downsides as well, but overall he is perfect to me. Since the acquisition of Son, I jumped from Div 7 to almost Div 4 right now.
    GP: 167 (goals scored = 154 and assists= 90).

    My team: ** **

    If you want to copy, fine, but remember that the instructions are very important.

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    BcafcBcafc Posts: 17
    Prime Henry, absolutely unreal, closely followed by Mbappe ST card & Prime Larsson
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    Flashback Rooney, Future star Calvert-Lewin and If Rashford
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    Moes1986Moes1986 Posts: 115
    Rashford potm 88
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    ZeroNLZeroNL Posts: 37
    Cheers guys, I love the respons
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    tyty1994tyty1994 Posts: 23
    Any Son card and Butragueno
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