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    BhhgfBhhgf Posts: 6
    Hope it is good jaycub
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    I currently have 1.5 mil, my untradables are POTM Reus, FB Juanfran, IF Lala and IF Robertson. They don’t have to be used, I would like a prolific striker with a solid defence. Can use Icons as well. Many thanks in advance
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    Console/Platform: PS4
    Budget: 270k-300k
    Minimum Chemistry: 100
    Formation: 41212 narrow, 4231 (lm rm) 4-3-3 normal
    Players needed in the squad: any really
    Untradeable players: 86 CL Fabinho, 91 De Gea, Futswap Juan Jesus, Futmas Arias (would like but not required)
    Other comments: i like 4* minimum WF/SKILLS forwards wingers

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    Hey, can you check out my recent post and build me a squad?
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    Hi bro can you make me a squad on ps4 for 230k with 4 defenders and ederson and baines flashback (untreadeables) thank you
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    I have roughly 2.1 mil and got untradeable cr7 can I hell build a squad that I like the look of thanks
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    Reggaeroy87Reggaeroy87 Posts: 13
    11:32PM in Squad Building Flag
    Platform: XBOX ONE
    Budget: 2million
    Min chemistry: 100
    Formation: Any as will change in game Players that must be in: N/a
    Untrade able players (optional): Ucl neuer sane,Marcelo, inform salah Fernandinho Modric, pink casamero doucoure, potm lucas, plus got over a 1000 players in my club.

    My squad is attached at top.
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