Bug report on ios app

If I do a search by name to individual person like “azpilicueta” then the result show only one sometimes I can’t tab in to see detail of that card. If I search by filtering with cb > bpl the scroll down to azpilicueta the I can go into the card detail. It happen a lot on silver card too. For example if I search “ tiago caeiro” and I try to tab in to go see detail of that card. it would not go in at all.


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    futbinfutbin Posts: 49

    We've just released an update to the app with a fix. Please update the app.

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    amnsiaamnsia Posts: 2
    I’ve bought premium for 2 years and it’s not given me any extras. It won’t let me restore purchase even though my subscription is active. The restore purchases button doesn’t click. I’ve deleted and reinstalled the app but with no luck.
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