Div 2 rewards


Why are D2 rewards worse than D3?? just got promoted


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 392

    demote yourself just play with worse teams and for fun even though everyone takes it as a "win or die" situation, i very rarely come across a different team other than the "meta" ones. I think Div 4 and 5 rewards are the best ones i think.Thats what i think, Its not always that you got time to play many matches after WL and you just need a couple of matches to get rank 2 and reward is good.¨

    I think div 2 you get more packs if i remember correctly. Might not be the best packs but the more packs you open more chance you got to get a good drop. The worse is where you just get 1 ultimate pack. div 1 i think). You can end up getting just rare gold discards(happens alot).

    Thats what i find anyways that opening lets say 3 mega packs over 1 rare players pack is better.

    Im sticking to Div 4 as i don't like playing mega squad with mega tactics to win every match. I leave that to WL where it is more understandable that you give it all with your best of the best.

    Div 3 i find to be the worst when it comes to rewards...and i cant find the motivation to go through div 3 to get div 2. Too much grind for the same % in pack opening. Stick to div 4 and play more casual and i think the reward is good. That is what i am doing just stick to div 4.

    So best thing you can do is go down ranks...It is funny to play semi silver team and beating god squads. People panic because they cant go past a silver defender :dizzy:

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