Is it risky to play 3 at the back

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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822

    That formation yes. If you play 3 at the back with wingers you need CDM rather than CM. Because CM's position too high in FIFA. CDM sit just above the CB's. I would suggest the 3-5-2 with cdm's and cam.

    But other than that it is not risky to play 3 at the back as long as you find a good balance in your team. It is boring to see people playing the same formations again and again.
    So yes try 3 at the back it is fun!

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    Yeah I play 3-5-2 in game with salah and Anderson up to with kdb in the cam
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    I think it can be high risk/high reward. You're sacrificing a defender for a midfielder or forward. So you might give up a few more goals, but you can score more goals and outscore your opponent in the end.

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    I played 5-2-1-2 and switched to 3-5-2 in game. You might have a very defensive CM to run back and help not opening a gap between midfield and backline. You need fast CBs also to cover the RWB/LWB runs to the attack.

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    Back 3 hierro 91 Ramos 92 vvd 90
    Cdm casamero pink and Modric 92
    Lm otw mahrez rm ucl sane
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