Please help me build a squad for 1.5-2mil around Flashback David Luiz

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I have just completed the David Luiz SBC and want to build my FutChamps team around him and my other useful untradables.

I'm currently a Gold 2 finisher in FUTCHAMPS and am division 4 in rivals but quickly rising. I'm looking for a godly team to really get me to the next level

My current team:
Current Market Value: Around 1.5 Mil
Sometimes the link doesn't work so I'll provide the squad details below:

**Formation**** - 451 - Switch to 4231 in game
**GK **- Courtois
**RB **- IF Meunier
**RCB **- Varane
**LCB **- Sergio Ramos
**LB **- SIF Chillwell - Untradable
**LM **- SIF Sterling - Untradable
**LCAM **- IF Son
**CM **- Guendouzi
**RCAM **- Pogba
**RM **- Mbape
**ST **- Headliner Arnautovic - Untradable

Squad Requirements and Info:
Platform: XBOX
Budget: 100k + selling players I have in the current team
Untradables I have in my club (non are 100% required) - SIF Chilwell, SIF Sterling, Headliner Arnautovic, FUTSWAP Promes,

Preferences for Squad:
Formation: No strict preference
I like to switch to formations in game with 2 CDMS (like 4231) that are box to box and able to contribute to the offense. I like skillful and fast players in attack and on the wings. I also like Having either 1 big CAM (like arnautovic) with a fast striker, or a formation with 2 balanced strikers. I also enjoy using fast wingers for the cross meta.

I was considering going 5 at the back with a team looking like this:
If the link doesn't work:
Formation - 541 - Switch to
**GK **- De Gea
**RWB **- SIF Carvijal
**RCB **- Sergio Ramos
**CB **- David Luiz - SBC
**LCB **- IF Fabino
**LWB **- SIF Chillwell - Untradable
**LM **- SIF Sterling - Untradable
**LCM **- Headliner Arnautovic - Untradable
**RCM **- Guendouzi
**RCAM **- Pogba
**RM **- Deulofeu - FUTSWAP drops Next Week
**ST **- Butragueno or IF SON

Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
Thank you all!

If anyone wants to party up for trade banter, add me on XBOX: BoolinBiscuits


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