I will make you a team

Just fill in these things:

Players you want:
Wich league(s) / hybrid or not:


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    Platform: Xbox
    Budget: Idk, but I'm really trash, so not anything more than 100k
    Untradeables: You don't need to use all of these, but here are some: FUT Swap Lucas Perez, Arturo Vidal, Future Stars Joelinton, UEFA Europa League Premium SBC Gold Falcao, Premium SBC Gold Tim Howard
    Players you want: UCL Live Gerard Moreno, Eriksen, Vidal, Juan Mata
    Which Leagues/Hybrid or not: I don't really care. I currently have a hybrid squad of Prem and La Liga, but for a new one, I don't really care about what leagues are included as long as I get chem.
    Formation: I prefer formations with 2 strikers or 1 striker and 2 wingers. Other than that, no restrictions.
    Extra: I want 100 chem with min. 84 overall rating. Thanks!

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    aharaahara Posts: 7
    edited February 2019

    Platform: Xbox
    Budget: 100k
    Untradables: UCL Sane, Headliners Arny, Futmas Van Aanholt, Flashback Luiz, Flashback Casillas, Fabinho, OTW Promes
    Players you want: SIF Lala (already have)
    Wich league(s) / hybrid or not: Hybrid with the untradeables
    Formation: Any good one
    Extra: I've honestly been playing so bad lately, I've just lost all hope with the squad I have. I was playing great but now I'm just buttcheeks. Maybe it's the patch? idk, im just sad :(
    Also please fit in everyone with full chem, I got a loan icon keane if that helps :)

    This is my squad atm, please find a way to fit in lala <3

    (4231 / 4222 ingame)

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    stnlmmrsstnlmmrs Posts: 3
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    Console: PS4
    Budget: 320K
    Minimum Chemistry: 100
    Formation: of your choosing
    Players needed in squad: flashback Huntelaar- FFS De Jong
    Untradeable players: flashback Tevez- flashback Huntelaar- FFS De Jong- UCL base Koulibaly- futswap Jesus- FUTmas Zakaria--UCL ousmane Dembele
    Hybrid/leagues: no preference

    *je mag ook in het Nederlands antwoorden
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    Platform: Xbox
    Budget: 200k
    Untradeables (optional): 93 Baresi, 88 Nakata, 86 Marquinhos, Futmas Arias, 91 Kroos, 87 Aspas, 84 Gnabry, Courtois, 83 Semedo, Walker, 84 Lautaro Martinez, 82 Bruma
    Players I want in the squad: Muriel OTW (untradeable), Piatek OTW (untradeable), Alonso UEL, Alisson OTW (untradeable), Werner (if you can fit instead of Piatek or Muriel)
    Formation: 4atb and nothing with 2 CDMs if possible.
    Hybrid: Yes.
    Leagues: Whatever you want as long as you use the players required.
    *Please don't put bad players just for chemistry.
    *I can start with a 5atb formation as long as I can switch it to a 4atb in game.
    *I want everyone on full chem.

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    This is my team now,but it's time for change.
    I have some ideas for my new team but I will be really happy to know yours advice and yours best ideas for team.
    It's not a problem for my the new team have player from only 1 or 2 league or hybrid team.

    My budget is with this players ---> 2.15M (PS4)


    with this players budget is ---> 250K (PS4)

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