How to trade up to 1mil from 100k

Please can you teach me how to trade so I don’t have to spend money.


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    Look what events are coming up
    Sbc’s from previous fifas
    Flashback players
    I normally stack my transfer list with 84 rated players
    Once you got some money behind look at informs if they are real low at the time buy a stack and wait until there price rises
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    welshace1welshace1 Posts: 10

    Honestly, You don't even need to go that deep...

    Buy players when prices are low (monday,tuesday .. also look at the time of day to buy)

    Sell them when prices are low ..

    The big way of jumping up quickly is buying cheap high rated players like 83's and 84's when super cheap ( 83's are <1000 coins most days.. pick up as many as possible) and sell them when their price inevitably rises to say 2000-3000 coins during promo's

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    Dm me for trading tips
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