How to improve my Serie A (-ish) squad?


Right now my squad looks like this: How do I improve this team? I have about 500k (and could trade in Hagi in a icon SBC if needed).

  • Most of the players are untradable (Rivaldo/Zlatan/Rijkaard/Hamsik/Allan/Jesus/Manolas/Falcao/Hagi/Nainggolan/Rashford)

Any ideas is really appreciated! Right now I'm thinking of following:

  • Change goalkeeper to Donnarumma TIF (88) 100k
  • Change Jesus to Škriniar Headliners (88) 90k
  • Upgrade Sandro to Sandro SIF (88) 270k

Another approach to this would be to do the SBC: Emilio Butragueño, and keep the rest of my team as it is, and update in case of any luck with the packs from the SBC.

Anyone with better ideas? =) Or should I just wait for a better icon SBC (should be some new ones out soon?)?

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