Weekly objective: TOTW player

Hey guys, with this week objective that you have to assist with a TOTW player, is the reward a TOTW player from any week or just from the actual one?


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    I think you can use ifs from any totw. Anyway idk is it possible to finish task with reds (fut reward)?
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    No just ifs
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    OriccOricc Posts: 25

    I did it and am saving the pack for the new totw because it is much better, when you get the pack it says that it is for an Inform of the current week

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    GarethJ1806GarethJ1806 Posts: 220
    Took me ages to do this, as I’ve only got one IF in my team, finally managed, saved it for the new totw and got that LM from Brentford. Being a Qpr fan myself I was disgusted and promptly quick sold him so he could get back to his tin pot club
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