Centre Back position in corners


Hey I can imagine this will come across as quite a noob question but can anyone tell me or point me in the right direction on getting my centre back or centre backs to be near the goal and not on the edge of the box on offensive corners. I've noticed some opponents can score with ease if they have varane vvd etc in that position on offensive corners and want to take advantage of this considering I have Rashford as my main Striker, he's good at getting a header in every so often but I am more than certain vvd would have a better chance of getting a goal from the setpiece. I imagine its something to do with custom tactics? Thanks for reading.


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    This game is so stupid when it comes to these things. On defending corners one of my CB will be marking outside the box...it is a game made by retards for retards.

    For offensive corners the only thing you can do is play around with slider, if you go max 5 on the custom tactics then you will get more people in the box but also more defenders that mark.

    4 is the one i see most people using and 3.

    The second thing you can do is manually control a player and deliver it to him.(L1 or r1, i forget when i dont have the controller in hand) to pick the player, pick where you gonna cross, move your player there and press cross)

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