4 players with huge return
Contact me on Instagram @futtrader92
1player name =5k coins
Please contact only if u r interested
Thank u


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    SBCPinguSBCPingu Posts: 8
    @Chronos92 if you actually do have these names and it can get you huge returns, why do you “give out” the names for 5k each and risk ruining the method for yourself?
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    SBCPinguSBCPingu Posts: 8
    If you actually wanted to help people out, you wouldn’t be selling the names. Soo, people, don’t run into his trap, its a scam
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    Chronos92Chronos92 Posts: 20
    @SBCPingu I am so sorry to hear about the way u think. Anyway I am a trader and I trade myself and make good coins every week.stop being negative please. What u r saying is senseless. If u have a business would u sell ur products for free ?
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