I am flummoxed as to why I easily get beaten by the computer AI at Ultimate level, this is with teams rated at 60 or more, though I can understand if the team was rated 85 or above

Some people claim that the chemistry doesn't matter at all or the AI flips the chemistry levels to their team if my team was 100% and the AI team was like 54 or lower. I can't fathom how to make a team lower than 19, believe me, I have seen that, so that it actually flips the chemistry

So is it true that chemistry counts for nothing?


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    nosoyyonosoyyo Posts: 3

    I've been beaten by 60 rated squads many times. I'd rather say it's not like a chem issue. We can see in game when different chem cause player stats fluctuates, that's what chems do. When 60 rated squads have lower chem, it just means their players have got even lower in game stats.

    So the problem is when they take actions, for example, shoot, they don't shoot like garbage but like Ronaldo or something. This sucks.

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    SempihhSempihh Posts: 236

    Ultimate is meant to be hard.

    The AI will always play the highest percentage pass, by putting it up to Ultimate you are upping the chance of the pass/shot/whatever being successful no matter the rating of the team

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