Can someone help me with attacking and custom tactics

I'm struggling! I have a great team but I'm struggling in attack. I'm quite new to the game, could someone help me with attacking gameplay, how often should I sprint? When to use normal pass, driven pass or through ball? Why don't my players make runs when I'm on the ball? And please please help I have 4321 formation, what are the best tactics and player instructions?

My team is

Sane if - Son if - Mahrez otw
Balack - Kante if - de bruyne
Robertson if - van dyke sif - Sanchez ucl and Aurier


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    Make a custom tactic under "defensive". This won't be your defensive tactic, this will just be your in game tactics that you will switch to in game.

    Formation: 4-2-3-1 (narrow) - Most meta formation this year.
    Defensive tactics: Balanced, 5/6 width, 3/4 depth (don't want strikers running in behind)
    Offensive: Balanced, 6/7/8 Width, 5/6/7 Players in box, 2 Bars for Corners and Freekicks (to stop counter attack).

    LB, CB, CB, RB = Stay back while attacking (robertson and aurier will still make some runs).
    CDM, CDM = Stay back while attacking (will still get forward sometimes), Cut passing lanes (harder for oppenent to play tiki taka and pass around you), Cover center (to stop timed finesse, don't need to worry about wings, and keep them central to start counter attack)
    LAM, RAM = Stay forward (so they don't come back to defend too much and are always ready as an option on attack), Get into box for cross (for tap/head ins from back post crosses along the ground or chipped across the box).
    CAM = Stay forward (always ready to start the attack), free roam (to move around where they want and to find pockets of space and gaps to exploit).
    ST = Stay forward (so they are always ready for the attack), get in behind (make dangerous runs behind the CBs and drag players out of position so there is more space for attacking mids).

    You need to watch youtube videos to learn about what buttons to press and how to create chances and goals and plays and skills for different situations, but hopefully these tactics will at least help your players be in the right positions for you.

    Sorry if I missed something, I was just doing this all off the top of my head :smiley:

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    Your a legend mate. Any specific videos or you tubers I should be watching? Regarding attacking gameplay and passing?
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    Where would I play sane? LCm?
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    Sane at Right attacking midfielder (this is because timed finesse is so broken in this game that you need players to cut in onto their strong foot (sanes left) and curl it into the far corner. Mahrez is right footed so he can play at right attacking mid because he can cut in with the right foot. Son has 5 star weak foot and has finesse shot trait so his finesse shots have lots of curl and he's known for his amazing shooting on this game on either foot.

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    Youtubers to watch:
    = My favourite youtuber to watch for custom tactics and how to get better, he's like your grandpa who's full of wisdom and knows everything but about FIFA. (he's also a pro player)
    Inception = I watch his videos as he is very honest about the game and shows how broken it is, but he is great at analyzing in game stats of cards to help you decide if a card is good or not instead of just looking at the overall stats. His recent video about "how to beat godsquads" was really helpful to me as he shows how he beat teams with legends and toty players, and he was using a 250k team.
    Nick runthefutmarket = Helps players to understand the market and know how to trade and get more coins without spending money on the game.
    aa9skillz = has one of the best teams in the game and even though he doesn't really give tutorials he's really entertaining an high energy

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    Bestguides for fifa are fifa 19 the guide they go into way more depth dont feel bad

    My Ronaldo adp balde best rjikardard boateng team cannot score shit

    Trying to abuse finesse shots but team never makes the runs or gets in position

    Cant pass around anyone cant stop people from spamming through balls cant stop them from just running 50 yards in trounced till the game allows me to switch to player near them
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    Yeah so true bro. And thanks for the help memaxs12. It's in game that I'm struggling with. Pass selection and execution I'm fucking horrid at both
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