ICON Cam under 550k

What icon would you suggest for under 550k playing as a wide CAM in a 4-2-2-2


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 822
    edited March 2019

    tbh anyone will do...depends on what YOU want and HOW YOU play. Look at the player that suits YOUR playstyle best and get him.

    All the cheap ICOn CAM's are the same i have tested most of them if not all and i can say the cheap PRIME versions are better than the base versions of some higher end prime.

    Example Laudrup prime is cheap and a really great CAM, Baggio base does not match him but Baggio prime is better. If you wan't a dribbler master like messi type then Zola Base is the main man.

    Even though they all have low strenght etc...Laudrup prime felt the strongest out of them. Apart from long shots he had everything. Not bad long shots but obviously not on par with scholes, lampard etcetc.

    I should point out Hagi middle or prime is one of the best cheap icon CAM's. Has it all and does everything really good. I think the middle version is just a tad better than prime.

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    kingmus10kingmus10 Posts: 319
    Bergkamp hagi or figo
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    MariondaMarionda Posts: 13
    Rivaldo for sure
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    BcfcAzzABcfcAzzA Posts: 53
    I'm loving Hagi 89, great fun to use and that left foot is amazing. Nakata was decent when I had him on a 20 game loan as well.
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    ThisvwThisvw Posts: 7
    Prime nakata is a beast he never mis a pas ;)
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    IstarrzuckerIstarrzucker Posts: 2
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    I’d say 90 rated jay jay Okocha
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