ICON SBC : how many money you get back?

KyLiXeNKyLiXeN Posts: 1

I spent a lot of time doing a lot of SBC but I have never tried ICON SBC.
Every League SBC I have completed I totaly get back all the money I spent, sometimes it cost me 1/3 of the total price (so I get back 2/3 of the cost due to given pack). Thus I'm waiting for your feebacks regarding ICON SBC : for example Socrates it cost 2 000 000, but how many money do you get back? Does it really cost 2 000 000 or rather something like 1 500 000?


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    RehaankingRehaanking Posts: 188
    It cost me 400k to do prime desailly although I used things in the club and used desailly in the iconic section. 400k including packs back. I packed Ramos and a few other 88+ and made 400k back from a 800k cost
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