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Could use some suggestions from experienced players, you see i spent a ton of coins on this team, and ever since the first day i never thought it was working as it should,

now i admit i´m not the best player, in fact i don´t think im nowhere good in this new fifa, and that´s something im working on,

i´ve also noticed that having a good structured and fully working team has a lot to do with your success,

anyhow here´s what i´m dealing with :

what i generally do is start off like shown above, and swap messi for guidetti


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    I would change the formation, so that you put Ben Yedder on top - Then you could buy an Icon, like Larsson - He's pretty decent imo

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    FroscoFrosco Posts: 6

    thanks in advance!

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    miky0miky0 Posts: 8

    You should have at 2 defensive midfielders and switch to the 4312 formation mid-game using custom tactics.

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    FroscoFrosco Posts: 6

    Yeah for some reason that ben yedder doesnt seem to work for me as a striker, i usually put messi up for striker alongside Ibrahimovic, i was thinking who should i place on the midfield between modric and neymar:

    got a few options would you reckon any of these?

    -Arthur future star

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    isaaco7isaaco7 Posts: 96
    You could also use IF Hernandez or Varane at CB and IF de Marcos would help out
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