Will the Headliner Rashford be good as a Cam?

I want a pacy Cam but i think playing Rashford there might work out..or any other Cam like If hazard or messi type players?
Who do you prefer?
Headliner Son has low passing stats for a Cam.


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    ConallR28ConallR28 Posts: 65
    I have headliner rash my fav striker on the game but probs not worth 800k as a cam
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    AhmedalirvpAhmedalirvp Posts: 227
    Who do you think I should go for then? Remember i want a fast Cam so the second to him comes If hazard of the same price and then If salah but his 3 wk is meh.
    I am currently using If Eriksen but his issue is that he’s slow.
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    GarethJ1806GarethJ1806 Posts: 198
    I used IF Rashford as Cam in a 4231 for a while and he was ok there but there are probably better options
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    AhmedalirvpAhmedalirvp Posts: 227
    His headliner is much better at passing and pace considering his IF one.. so what do you think?
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    SempihhSempihh Posts: 236

    Try FS Calvert-Lewin at CAM

    So good with an Artist card on him

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