Carniball Bellerin or Tif Lala or Carniball Yedlin?

Anyone who have used any of these can give reviews.
I seriously want a good Rb ( Currently using Valencia as i have a prem team)


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    I'd say TIF Lala. Bellerin has horrible strength while yedlin is weak in the air. If u have a prem team then i suggest RTTTF Aurier, he is similar to Lala attacking wise but i rock solid in defense. I've used aurier for 40+ games now and don't have any complains except that he is kinda slow, but shadow fixes it. He's just worth like 40k more.

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    GarethJ1806GarethJ1806 Posts: 220
    Of the three you asked about it has to be TIF lala
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    AhmedalirvpAhmedalirvp Posts: 227
    I have brought Mbappe and changed my formation just because of Lala. He looks great.
    Can anbody suggest me a good left Back?
    Can be a Pl one or an Icon left back?
    If robertson ? Petit or Zanetti? The only reasonable options i could find.
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    Moes1986Moes1986 Posts: 115
    I say aurier 88 ucl defenitly
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    SempihhSempihh Posts: 236

    IF Robertson is really good for the price that he is

    I haven't had Zanetti myself but haven't heard the greatest things about him

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    You man are so dope. I am from filly and i know everything about the game. U should buy clyne. He is the only mother fucker sheet. He has the powers
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 576
    edited March 2019

    Aurier ucl live for RB and Telles for LB for sure! Aurier is a blacker Zanetti does the same defensive work! Telles is top end LB!

    Zanetti is great, especially his 92, hence his price tag. But people just dont use FB's fully and they do minimal job for which many use the meta ones. His middle is alrite but i would take Aurier over the middle one. His LB version though is quite good but again Telles is better and more complete. I have used Grimaldo mostly because of his assists.

    But i recently bought back Telles(i had him before). Since 88 update he makes the same assists as Grimaldo but is better in defence. Better than Sandro imo.

    But for us who use FB's fully who like someone who goes up creates great crosses and comes back quickly and just goes for the ball and wins it and sticks to wingers.

    Aggression and high workrate is a huge plus for a FB.

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    AhmedalirvpAhmedalirvp Posts: 227
    Thank you all guys!
    I might go for Telles but then i have to fit him in with some icons.
    Might try If Robertson too.
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