Werner 88 or rashford 88?

Don’t looking on the price


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    KSG777KSG777 Posts: 14
    I really liked Rashfords hero card as a LS in 4312, his finesse shots in general are great especially first time, his volleys are really OP so doing the first touch chip and using his volleys is something that makes him stand out, hes also really good in the air for me he seems to jump really high but his accuracy isn't the greatest. I used Werner TIF and his pace + positioning is exceptional, his finishing is on par with rashford however the 5* skills and 4* WF on rashford makes him better in my opinion.
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    88 Werner, 88 rashford is awful :/
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    Chronos92Chronos92 Posts: 20
    Yeah I agree. Both of em don’t live up to their stats mentioned. 91 rated Micheal owen is crazy for his price
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    SempihhSempihh Posts: 236

    I really like Werner this FIFA so I'd go for him

    Rashford is more of a super sub type of player

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