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I’m saving up for an icon Gk in my team for my team, I am on 280,000 so far so want to get a gk under at least 400k unless I pack a huge player. Some of the names I have been looking at include:
Van Der Sar

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  1. Which Icon Gk4 votes
    1. Yashin
    2. Lahmann
    3. Van Der Sar
    4. Schmeichel


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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 382

    I have tried Schmeichel i had him in FIFA 18 and he was great. But in FIFA 19 for me he was weird...was not saving easy shots etc. But others have not had the same problem with the big dane. So i guess that i just had that weird game moments when it goes against you.

    BUT i did try Van der sar loan before and after trying Peter i went back to VDS i did his sbc.

    I have seen people with middle VDS and he is about the same as the PRIME.

    but VDS is for sure the most solid goalkeeper there is. It is not that De Gea/Courtouis etc cant save etc. They are veryy equal.
    HUGE BUTT...The way VDS saves is proper...you never get a half arsed touch etc. Every save is with a really strong hand and rarely goes to a rebound. He is the best ICON GK i have used and i highly recommend him and so do many who play with him. Hence why he is more expensive than others. Yashin only is higher because of rating but in game VDS does better because of him being that solid unit.


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    SempihhSempihh Posts: 236

    Van Der Sar is probably your best bet

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