Looking for a right back

Here is my team, ideally the rb has to be 10chem who do you recommend, I have Walker at the moment but not feeling him


Obviously that’s in game formation, so need to start game as a 5 at the back, any suggestions welcome


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    You’re kind of stuck with prem only with the squad you have right now if you want 10 chem so I say maybe give RTTF Aurier a try because anything cheaper isn’t any better than walker and TAA is a lot more expensive but he is definitely the best option.
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    ihatetayihatetay Posts: 614

    +1 on Aurier, top RB for any team. Lacks a bit going forward but is not bad and will get you good amount of assists. Defensive is great, aggression and high workrate makes him harrass all the neyney's/hazards etc.

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    SempihhSempihh Posts: 236

    RTTF Aurier is your best bet,

    Great aggression and applies a lot of pressure on the opponents winger

    Put him on stay back while attacking and you'll have a Secure right side

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    Reggaeroy87Reggaeroy87 Posts: 186
    Cheers @Sempihh @ihatetay @BengalBrad
    That was my first thought, haven’t got the dollar at the moment but will get him when I do and I always have lb/rb on stay back
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