Whats Your Best Formation & Why?


Ive always liked 433 but this year the Wingers don't cut inside even if u Instruct them to because they can't because AI Defending is so Compact and Strong & Everyone just Abuses 4231 Drop Back
Ive been using 4321 its not bad but I think I like 41212 Narrow which allows me to Dominate the Midfield


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    GarethJ1806GarethJ1806 Posts: 220
    442(2) is mine at the minute, defensively solid, with quick wingers makes me easy for me to control the midfield and hit fast on the counter
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    For me the 4231 Formation. Why? I dont know :)
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    kingmus10kingmus10 Posts: 319
    4231 with wingers at wide cams and 2 CDms for stability and in attack push up
    Cam holds up play for wide cams to make a run
    Two fullbacks overlap the wide cam so they can cross and the wide cam can get into the box
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    4231 because i have 5 players (the defence and 1 cdm) to only defend and 4 players to attack and 1 player (2nd cdm) to roam inbetween attacking and defending

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