FIFA 19 League SBC

Ednet34Ednet34 Posts: 0

Hello Guys,

I really love SBC but i am really angry in regards to League SBC.
I dont know how you feel about that but I hate the way how these sbc are created.

I play on PC and i am not able to finish the LaLiga SBCor the Serie A because the silver Players of the lower tier clubs are extinct or 20k+.

What EA needs to do is to make sure that there are Enough silver players on the market in order to guarantee that everyone is able to finish those SBC.

I want to have Casemiro 90 rated SBC and Allan 86 rated SBC and it is not possible.

In the Serie A i have 3 clubs left (empoli, frosinone and parma) and i still have to pay 130k for these 3 teams.

What do you guys think about that


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    SempihhSempihh Posts: 236

    Unfortunately it's just people looking to make a quick buck, because most don't realise who they've packed when they open let's say a silver rewards pack or something so they all just get discarded

    That or the club only has one or two available players in that position. It means its so much easier to price fix as there is no alternative

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    jpyoungjpyoung Posts: 16
    Ea should lower the chem requirements on teams with rare positional players. Earlier this year, I was going to get dumfries sbc, but the fc utrecht sbc was 80k! Ea’s time would be better spent fixing things like this than adding expensive promos only for pro players and youtubers
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