Cr7 - keep or sell?

Do I sell Cristiano Ronaldo? Packed him a couple of weeks ago and decided to keep him for Futchamps. Altogether he has 103 goals in 65 games. Im not sure I'll find a player like him at all.
  1. Do I sell Cristiano Ronaldo?3 votes
    1. Keep
    2. Sell


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    SempihhSempihh Posts: 236

    103 goals in 65 games is pretty good

    If you're not sure, sell him sooner rather than later as the constant promos and then TOTS means his price will keep dropping

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    Beef1892Beef1892 Posts: 3
    Yeah I think i will sell. What about if i buy aguero UCL live simlar price? But then i have sterlings UCL live also??
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